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Google Wars

2/2/13 by MaskedGuardian

This is copied from a post I made on Tumblr, but I figured it might be of some sort of interest to anyone who cares enough to actually look at my feeble little news posts. But that's why Tumblr is mentioned a couple times in this thing.

Right now, I've been making a decision as to how I want to upload content to the internet. Specifically videos. Normally, I used the internet giant, Youtube. But lately, Youtube has become less and less desirable a video hosting site, mainly because of the giant that is Google, which bought the site out quite some time ago. Now, to use Youtube, you have to sign up for everything else that Google "offers", no matter what.

A lot of people don't have a problem with that. I do. When I sign up for something, I don't like getting more than what I signed up for. In this case, I signed up as MaskedGuardian on Youtube to be just that - MaskedGuardian on Youtube. I didn't sign up to be [email address] with MaskedGuardian being part of that account. After Google forced me to start using my provided email instead of my account name, I terminated my Youtube channel.

However, my Gmail account wound up staying, since I have a couple important things set up with that email account. While I am slowly trying to transfer everything over to a new email that isn't Google, I, unfortunately, have to keep that email for a while longer, possibly for more than a year. Because of this, I can technically still use Youtube under that gmail account.

This has caused a personal mental debate for myself, since Youtube has something that Veoh and Tumblr doesn't - lots and lots of people. And while I don't upload these game playthroughs to try and become the next PewDiePie (god forbid...), it's nice to know that at least some people enjoy them. And I'd be lying to myself if I said that staying on Veoh and Tumblr would solve that problem.

On the other hand, Youtube comes with another major problem: time limits. If I were to re-upload them to Youtube, I would have to cut the length of my 3 (soon to be 4, soon to be more) videos into fourths, turning a 40-minute video into four 10-minute videos. I don't want to have to do that. I like being able to upload large videos. Whenever I draw, I watch talk-ey videos like Game Grumps, Nostalgia Critic, and stand-up to fill the silence. It's fun, and it's nice to have something long that you can listen to so you don't have to click through video after video. That's why I keep my own videos so long - that, and they're so much easier to work with when they're longer.

I was a fool and cancelled my Veoh account when, for a brief moment, I decided that I would follow through with using Youtube again. But I've once more changed my mind - a problem I quite often have when making a decision. I'm currently trying to set up Veoh again, the only difference being that my username will have a hyphen in it, much like my username here on Tumblr. I imagine that I will be keeping the name MaskedGuardian for a long time, even with the term "Guardian" no longer being a part of my story.

Once I get the confirmation email again (for some reason it's taking quite some time), I'll re-upload the playthroughs to both Veoh and, subsequently, Tumblr. I'm going to stick to my guns about not bowing to Google (or Facebook, for that matter), even if it means I don't get as many people watching.

So ends my little personal predicament.


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Well, have you tried Metacafe and DailyMotion by any chance? Oh, and I can't access my YT account anymore due to Google's dumb shit.

2/4/13 MaskedGuardian responds:

I created a new Veoh account, and I've been able to re-upload my videos. I did look into those two when I was deciding - I can't remember why I chose Veoh over everything else, but I remember having a reason for doing so.